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Crown Top Rope Stanchion VRC-51

Crown top rope stanchion VRC-51 is connected by ropes with chrome locks. The crown top is graceful but low keyed, so that the event is not over decorated. In occasions, such as conference, trade show, financial offices, and any places need to be semi-formal and business oriented, our VRC-51 is a great option.

Ropes are sold separately.



  • Height: 39.4″
  • Post OD: 2″
  • Base Diameter: 12.6″
  • Rope Length: 5′
  • Weight: 15.5 lbs


  • Stainless steel post
  • Chrome surface finish
  • Base comes with rubber pad to protect floor
  • Stainless steel base cover

Package Content

  • Stainless steel pole
  • Crown shaped fixture
  • Stainless steel anchor plate for hooking up end clips
  • Steel cookie-shaped insertion between crown and plate
  • Bolt at the bottom of post
  • Base cover
  • Base, filled with concrete


One bolt at the bottom of base connects base and post. Require a wrench to tighten the bolt.