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​Stanchion Supply Store provides limited warranty on all of its manufactured products and to be free of any defect in material and/or workmanship for a period of Two (2) years from the date of invoice.

This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from improper installation, handling, vandalism, alteration, accident, misuse, tampering, abuse, unauthorized repair and improper maintenance. This warranty will not cover any consequential or incidental damages caused by purchaser. During the warranty period, Stanchion Supply Store will, at its option, repair, replace, or refund at purchase price of any items found defective upon inspection and through a proper claim procedure. The claims under this warranty must be received within the applicable warranty period in a written form along with a copy of the original invoice or invoice number.

This warranty only applies to the initial purchaser at the date of invoice.


Assembly is required, but simple.

For stanchion poles, you only need to insert one bolt through the bottom of the base. A wrench would be handy for tightening the bolt.

In the case of wall mount stanchions, there is no need of assembly, but few screws have to be installed to attached the stanchion on the wall.


For accessories that are light, we use regular courier service, such as Canada Post and UPS.

For stanchions come with heavy bases, we co-operate with professional logistics companies, since the products are so heavy (mostly total weight around 200~1000 lbs) that must be shipped on skids. Regular post services like USPS and Canada Post are not capable of handling this amount of weight.

Custom logos

We have the service of custom logo on belt stanchions, which requires one file of logo in format of AI, PDF, PS, or CDR. Service fee is $100 for custom logo. Minimum quantity of order is 20 units.

use stanchions outdoors

It is not recommended to use our product in humid or corrosive environment, but you could use them outdoors when the weather is good.


Yes. We apply discounts to all large quantity purchases automatically.

Minimum quantity

Please note the minimum quantity of order is 20 units.


You can pay by credit card for amount within $2,000, and by cheque if total amount is over $2,000. You could also pay cash when picking up the packages.

pick up

Yes. Please make an appointment for pick up. Warehouse address can be found at our Contact page.

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