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We are here to help you arrange the waiting lines by our stanchions. Queue management could never be easier, thanks to industry leading quality and services.

About Stanchion Supply Store

Stanchion Supply Store is a Toronto, Canada based crowd control barriers supplier. Our product line provides a full range of crowd control products that are stylish, durable, user friendly, simple to assemble, easy to maintain, and most importantly build up professional services and experiences to your customers and visitors.

We guarantee our products will meet your needs, for either small businesses or big corporations, at most economical price range.

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We define ourselves as a wholesaler, which means we have the lowest possible profit margin. Therefore, we welcome large quantity orders. Our prices could be as low as half of market prices.

Contact us, and get ready to be surprised.

Low Prices

Yes, they are unbeatable.

Unique Features

Custom Logo

on belt establishes more professional impressions to visitors and customers.

Exceptional Quality

on all parts, from velvet fabrics, strong woven polyester ribbons, to rust-proof stainless steels and heavy stanchion bases, assuring the best reliability.

2-Year Warranty

on all products, a much superior warranty policy that no other vendors offer.

Products & Services

We supply crowd management systems, including retractable belt stanchions, rope stanchions, velvet ropes, framed sign holders, wall mounted stanchions, etc.

Our most popular products are free-standing retractable belt stanchions and rope stanchions.

Stanchions with retractable belts are convenient to move around in preferred layout for the best result of queue management. The spring mechanism within the posts contains retractable belts, so that the belts retract automatically once released. The belts are commonly printed with brand logos.

Similarly, hooks at both ends of velvet ropes connect Rope Stanchions to form a barrier. We commonly see rope stanchions in formal events and any other occasions requiring an elegant setup. As there is no mechanical gear involved in the construction of rope stanchions, it is technically very long lasting.

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