crowd control barriers

Stanchion Supply Store proudly offers crowd control barriers when your business or event space needs an effective crowd control or line formation solution in Canada. Our high-quality rope and retractable belt stanchions are affordable are effective solutions for maintaining organized crowd control or efficient checkout lines in a small business or public facility. Please select one of the following crowd control systems to browse.


Industrial Logistics​​

Stanchions are heavy for the purpose of stability. For instance, one single stanchion post weighs approximately 20 lbs. Accordingly, shipments of large quantity orders, often over 1000 lbs, will be operated by industrial logistics companies that provide safe and fast delivery to your front door and loading dock. Also, we could arrange same-day pick up for small quantity purchases, if orders are placed by noon.

Replacement Parts are always on duty

Though our crowd control barriers are made of high-quality materials, they could be damaged or wear out over time.

However, the good news is that every part of our product is replaceable and easy to assemble. We always keep replacement parts in stock, so that your flawed stanchions will be on duty again in no time. Of course, there is no cost at all to replace parts within our 2-year warranty period.

Replacement parts include but not limited to belts, bolts, anchor plates, top fixtures, poles, bases and base covers.