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Wall Mount Belt Stanchion WM-16


It is sometimes simply called wall stanchion. As its name denotes, the main subject is attached to one of the walls by four screws, and on the other wall there is an adaptor in purpose of connecting the ribbon. The belt is 16′ long, which is probably the longest stanchion belt available in the market. Since there is no pole and base, this retractable wall mount belt stanchion saves space like magic. The tiny size and long coverage crown it the king of small form factor stanchions.



  • Belt Length: 16’ three directions
  • Weight: 5 lbs


  • Chrome surface finish
  • End adapter: locking belt pivot ends
  • Belt material: heavy duty woven polyester
  • Plastic wall adapter
  • Belt color: red or black

Package Content

  • Stanchion unit
  • Wall adapters
  • Screws